C14375: How to Get Stuff on the Internet

Welcome to our Splash 2020 website for C14375!

💡 About

Your instructors are:

You can email us at any time at c14375-teachers@esp.mit.edu.

C14375 ran from 9:05 to 10:55 on Sunday, November 15th, 2020.

Thanks for coming to lecture. In order, here’s some guides for building websites in the ways we talked about in class:

  1. Publishing sites to the web with Google Docs
  2. Publishing sites with Notion
  3. Cutt.ly URL shortener (supports custom domains)
  4. Buying a domain with Google Domains
  5. Learn more about IP addresses
  6. Adding a custom domain to your Google Site (NEW)
  7. Getting started with GitHub Pages
  8. Custom domains on GitHub Pages
  9. New CSS framework
  10. Bootstrap CSS framework (has more stuff)
  11. Jekyll static site generator (built into GitHub Pages)
  12. Learn about running ads on your site with AdSense
  13. Get started with Google Analytics (see how many people are using your site)

🧑‍🎓 Student Submissions

📔 Lecture

We plan to cover a couple different methods most of which require little to no code necessary.

  1. 🐣 Introduction to putting things on the Internet
  2. 🌎 How does the internet work?
  3. Class Intermission and Questions (Go get your snacks)

  4. 📈 Intro to realer websites
  5. 🧑‍💻 Next Level
  6. 🧠 Learning more

  1. Like this one!!! You can literally see this website’s source code at https://github.com/splash-c14375/splash-c14375.github.io/blob/main/index.md

  2. Elias has informed Cameron this is a TikTok, and he is gravely disappointed.